Butley Mills Studio Residency – July 2018



Butley Mills Studios is based in the heart of the Suffolk landscape on the East Coast. The buildings are a picturesque hotch potch of delapidated structures’s nestled on a quiet lane alongside the reed beds of Butley Creek. During my residency it was full of wind, sunshine and blue skies and the sound of metal being shaped.

They are a collective of approximately 17 artists that work across Sculpture, painting, drawing and sound. I was lucky enough to see a bronze pour on my last Friday.

The residency was for two weeks with the brief to myself of breaking a sketch book block and by doing so develop a sketch book practice. To look and see, combining Head, Heart and Hand to honestly record what was before me.  The one rule was not to tear any pages from the sketch book.

What I learnt was that you have to give a sketch time…To follow are a selection of drawings from these two weeks.

My thanks go to all the artists at Butley Mills Studios for their support and generosity during this residency. It was a marvellous experience.