Snapshot – An HB Drawing exhibition at no format Gallery, Deptford – 10 to 22 September 2019

Snapshot … an exhibition from HB Drawing today, celebrated the passion and dedication of artists that quietly (or not so quietly) work every day, mostly on their own, in studio spaces tucked in corners of houses, gardens and studio complexes. We wanted to share with visitors the varied practices, mad points of view, patience and determination that we use to generate our work.

The HB artists met on the MA Drawing degree course at Wimbledon College of Art, graduating in 2017 and 2018.  At the time, the course was headed by Tania Kovats who encouraged us to take drawing into unusual places.

Paintings and sculptures come out of researching and using paint from natural pigments, limestone and charcoal; Token Women Series that highlight the role of women in art; graphite drawings showing the play of light and shadow on water; drawings that use the transient properties of silverpoint; development of abstract images made in felt; animations and sculptures whose birth mourn the death of a loved one; delicate self-portraits that comment on colonialism and slavery; and powerful portraits of Rastafarians – to list a few.